DevBlog: Teams


Teams! This is where your journey starts on the Battlegrounds platform. After you are registered and logged in, you will either create or join a team. Teams on Battlegrounds will work differently than most competitive platforms. Teams will exist outside of events. This means, you can create your team and compete in multiple events with that same team without having to re-create that team for every event.

This feature is unique to Battlegrounds, as most platforms require that you create a new team for every event, but we want our teams to be substantial on our platform, unique to a group of players, allowing true management and growth with a single team on Battlegrounds.

Lets talk about creation first!


You create a team by using the ‘plus’ icon on the left side menu. You will have a short form to fill out to create your team. Teams are restricted by type and game. So, for example, if you have a team or apart of a team that is a 5v5 for AAPG, then you can’t create or join another team that is of the same type and game. You can only be apart of 5 teams at one time, so choose and create your teams wisely.


Battlegrounds is putting the power in the hands of our teams. You will have a full suite of tools to completely manage your team on the BG3 platform. Tools such as: Branding updates, information edits, roster invites, roster removal, role management, sponsor management, and more…

These features will roll out as we reach different milestones. The basic team management features will be implemented for Alpha 1. That will include team creation, information edits, and player invites/removals. As we approach updates in the future and get feed back from the community, we will add more management features for our teams.

Hope you enjoyed this devblog and keep a look out on the next to learn more about the features coming to the Battlegrounds platform.

-Dev Team