BattlegroundsGG is a competitive eSports platform that is targeting Tactical Shooters across many platforms, including, but not limited to: Playstation 4, Xbox 1, PC, & Mobile

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We are working diligently to release Alpha 1 in the Second Quarter of 2019. Keep a look out for more info to come.

Season 1 for AAPG is currently being projected for when we reach Alpha 1, So the Second Quarter of 2019. An official release date is not yet confirmed.

Learn more about Season 1 here. 

Battle Points or BP will be the virtual currency that the BG3 platform will use to enter Prize Events.

Event winnings will be cashed out in Battle Points as well, unless the prizes are determined otherwise.

BG3 Premium is a subscription service that allows members of BG3 to gain monthly benefits, while participating in events.

As of right now, our main support is on America’s Army. But, our staff is working hard to bring new titles to BG3.