Event Sponsors


Sponsors keep the eSports world moving forward. The more sponsors that invest, the more teams joins, the more people your product reaches.

Players tend to be a bit hesitant to join a competitive event unless there is some incentive, such as a large prize pool for the winners. Being able to turn $10 into $100 after one tournament is a big draw, and will grow exponentially as the rewards increase in value.




The Silver Sponsor Package is our entry package. Please view the benefits below:

  • Ad space in our newsletter
  • Social media endorsement
  • Logo/brand included in promotional material




The Gold Sponsor Package is our mid-level package. Please view the benefits below:

  • All of the Silver Package
  • Logo/brand on our social media accounts
  • Event powered by YOUR-BRAND
  • Added to front-page sponsor slider




The Platinum Sponsor Package is our largest package. Please view the benefits below:

  • All of Silver + Gold Package
  • Official Product of BG3, added to our Official Sponsors page
  • Links to your website
  • Tournament naming rights (If applicable)
  • Video review of your brand