Site Update!

Site Update!

Welcome to BattlegroundsGG first updated public site. This update is a informational update, and will allow the community to better follow us closely.

What does it do?

This site update was designed mainly for the first phase of BattlegroundsGG. This will allow members to follow along with DevBlog, Community Updates, and more.

We are also opening up something called Founder Packs for our community to those who want to contribute and support BattlegroundsGG, as a few of you inquired about this!

Event sponsors will be kicking off as well, so if you or maybe you know someone who owns a business, come check out our event sponsors page. Sponsor an event is quick and easy! Feel free to contact @arcangel7 or @correktd for more information.

Combat Ops 2019 is announced! We will be running a lite version of our Combat Ops feature through this website. This feature will allow you to track upcoming events for BattlegroundsGG. DevBlog with more information will follow soon.

Finally, we have numerous other informational pages throughout this site that will allow you to learn more about BG3. If you have any issues with this site, please report it to the #support channel in discord.

The future of our web presence is currently under construction. Our in-house developed eSports platform launch is planned for quarter 2 of 2019! To keep our community better informed and up to date on the path to launch, we hope you follow us along the journey and game on!