Devlog: Combat Ops

Devlog: Combat Ops

Hey Soldier! Welcome to our first DevBlog on our newly launched site. If you are here, then that means you are interested in learning more about the BattlegroundsGG platform. Well, that’s exactly what I am here to do, lets jump right in…

What is Combat Ops?

Combat Ops is a structure that we have designed to plan, track, and execute competitive events for BG3. This system will be presented as a interactive World map that you can use to track upcoming events.

We will be implementing a lite version of this system within this website, but ultimately, the Combat Ops map will be integrated into the platform natively for launch.


Indicators – the indicators are pin marks that are placed on a map. It will represent a single event that we have planned to host. By hovering this indicator, you will activate a dialog box with details about the event. These indicators will be clickable, to gain more fine details about the event.

Lore – each event location is selected with a Lore built around it. Providing each event a sense of Military realism, story, and background about the operation.

Filtering – this filtering feature will grant you the ability to filter the maps indicators. For example, you will be able to filter the operations by platform, game, etc. This will essentially remove any indicators that do not fit your filter criteria.


These features of Combat Ops are planned for the platform launch and not the lite version. The lite version may have some features, but definitely not all of them. We believe this will make BattlegroundsGG unique. It will also give you the ability to get vital event information beforehand, so you can prep your teams and rosters.

Disclaimer – these features are subject to change from what is published in this devblog. As we are working extremely hard to caption everything listed here, realistically things can change for the betterment of the system.