Op:Firestorm – Registration Open!



Introducing the first event of our Combat Ops Campaign is Operation Firestorm! This 5v5 tournament will test your teams survival abilities as we are opening this up to thirty-two squads in total! With this being the first event on our roadmap to launching our eSports platform, we are excited to kick off this year of competitive America’s Army! Good luck to all, your briefing is below.




  • February 16th at 19:00 Eastern
  • Check-in at 18:30 eastern
  • Size 32 teams / 5v5 / up to 2 subs per squad
  • Free Entry
  • Regulated by Season 1 Standard Rules
  • Team Captains must be in Discord


Click here to sign-up for Operation Firestorm and join us on the Proving Grounds! This event is hosted by BattlegroundsGG and requires discord entry by team captains. All participants must register their teams by February 14th at 17:00est to be considered eligible for this tournament. Question, comments or concerns can be left in the #support channel of our discord.

GENERAL RULES: Hosting ——————- Higher seeded team will host the first game; Lower seeded team will host the second game. If a third match is to be played, the team that won the first game will host the third game. Map Selection ——————- Maps are automatically picked for each series. Round Starts ——————- The team that is NOT hosting the game will be on Defense (Bravo) first, leaving the hosting team on Attack (Alpha). Be On Time ——————- Both teams have a grace period of 5 minutes after the match start time to show up before the late team will forfeit the game. Disconnects ——————- If someone is disconnected the lobby is restarted with the same round count. Ex//> Team A has won 3 rounds and Team B has won 2 rounds. When the lobby is restarted, we assume that Team A still has 3 rounds wins and Team B still has 2 round wins.  In a best of 7 rounds, Team A will win if they win one more round.  Latency ——————- To start a match, the host must have at least Yellow ping. If the match quality is unacceptable due to lag ONLY in the first round, the team that isn’t hosting having issue can leave the match and ask for re-host. The new host should be a team member from the original hosting team. Under extreme scenarios if a hosting team does not want to rehost with a new host, a dispute can be filed with screenshot proof. However this should be LAST RESORT. Match Results ——————- Both team should provide screenshots of match results when submitting their scores. If scores do not match up, the match will end up in a dispute. Roster ——————- A team must have at least 4 members on their roster. If a team is down 1 player at match start they have the option to start a man down. Games are not to be played at match time with under 3 men per team, that would be considered a forfeit.  Subs ——————- Substitutions are only permitted before the match starts and in between map swaps. Disputes ——————- All disputes will be handled within the Toornament platform.  All disputes must have evident proof to win the dispute. GAMES RULES: Season 1 Standard Settings  ——————- Total Rounds: 7 Friendly Fire: Full Max Revives: 0 Use Roles: On Allow Aim Assist: On * NO BONUS WEAPONS – Ex//> RPG Maps Playlist ——————- Hospital Intercept Springstreet Checkout Crossfire Hydra Reaction PRIZE 1st: 
  • Professional Team rebranding/logo – valued at $135.00
  • Team Spotlight on Americas Army and BG3 websites
  • None
  • None



Devlog: Combat Ops

Devlog: Combat Ops

Hey Soldier! Welcome to our first DevBlog on our newly launched site. If you are here, then that means you are interested in learning more about the BattlegroundsGG platform. Well, that’s exactly what I am here to do, lets jump right in…

What is Combat Ops?

Combat Ops is a structure that we have designed to plan, track, and execute competitive events for BG3. This system will be presented as a interactive World map that you can use to track upcoming events.

We will be implementing a lite version of this system within this website, but ultimately, the Combat Ops map will be integrated into the platform natively for launch.


Indicators – the indicators are pin marks that are placed on a map. It will represent a single event that we have planned to host. By hovering this indicator, you will activate a dialog box with details about the event. These indicators will be clickable, to gain more fine details about the event.

Lore – each event location is selected with a Lore built around it. Providing each event a sense of Military realism, story, and background about the operation.

Filtering – this filtering feature will grant you the ability to filter the maps indicators. For example, you will be able to filter the operations by platform, game, etc. This will essentially remove any indicators that do not fit your filter criteria.


These features of Combat Ops are planned for the platform launch and not the lite version. The lite version may have some features, but definitely not all of them. We believe this will make BattlegroundsGG unique. It will also give you the ability to get vital event information beforehand, so you can prep your teams and rosters.

Disclaimer – these features are subject to change from what is published in this devblog. As we are working extremely hard to caption everything listed here, realistically things can change for the betterment of the system.

Site Update!

Site Update!

Welcome to BattlegroundsGG first updated public site. This update is a informational update, and will allow the community to better follow us closely.

What does it do?

This site update was designed mainly for the first phase of BattlegroundsGG. This will allow members to follow along with DevBlog, Community Updates, and more.

We are also opening up something called Founder Packs for our community to those who want to contribute and support BattlegroundsGG, as a few of you inquired about this!

Event sponsors will be kicking off as well, so if you or maybe you know someone who owns a business, come check out our event sponsors page. Sponsor an event is quick and easy! Feel free to contact @arcangel7 or @correktd for more information.

Combat Ops 2019 is announced! We will be running a lite version of our Combat Ops feature through this website. This feature will allow you to track upcoming events for BattlegroundsGG. DevBlog with more information will follow soon.

Finally, we have numerous other informational pages throughout this site that will allow you to learn more about BG3. If you have any issues with this site, please report it to the #support channel in discord.

The future of our web presence is currently under construction. Our in-house developed eSports platform launch is planned for quarter 2 of 2019! To keep our community better informed and up to date on the path to launch, we hope you follow us along the journey and game on!